Pune - Shirwal Works

This plant being situated at close proximity to Pune city, caters the Pune market needs. This 25,000 Sq. Ft. plant is home to 9 Injection Moulding Machines with latest modern Injection Moulding &accessories. This plant makes the best use of technology available. Other than giving best in class efficiency, best quality & accurate results it also disperses real "Customer Satisfaction". This plant is a perfect blend of - proper use of technology, impeccable production & product quality, superior administration, manpower-work ratio, positive work enviroment &team work. Third parties have often termed this plant a perfect and ideal manufacturing facility, which is our most coveted recognition. This plant usually fulfills the requirements of Godrej refrigetation divisions need for plastice. With 80 percent of Godrej's Injection moulding supplies from us, we are one of the largest supplier to Godrej - Unit sales wise Turn Over wise. To recognize our effort, we have being awarded several times from Godrej as best supplier, best time delivery & Bst JIT supplier. This plant is the closest vendor to a Principal OEM in India.


Products & Services:

Allied Services.
Assembly, Printing, Ultrasonic welding, Post - moulding, Tool Maintainence.