Shahapur Works

This flagship works is situated at a convenient location from Mumbai, on the Mumbai Nashik Highway with a 1½ hour travel time from Mumbai. This is a substantially large piece of land blessed with natural beauty. Containing a 40,000 Sq. Feet work shade this plant is our largest manufacturing facility. This plant is a modern Injection moulding setup of 21 Injection moulding machines, ranging from 150 Tonnes to 650 Tonnes, with a capacity to mould 20 grams to 3 Kgs. This plant contains all the modern and so very much required Injection moulding accessories & equipment to give today's best Plastic quality that technology can give. Other than being a perfect blend of human resource, Machine and technology, the plant also has a modern material handling system and equipments to compliment the product quality and timely delivery.


Products & Services:

Assembly, Printing, Ultrasonic Welding, Shrink Wrapping, Annealing, Export Packaging & Palletization, Exim Clearance & Documentation, Tool Maintenance.