Eco-Rainwater Tank Joining Clips / Landscape Gardening

Over several years Engineers have asked "how do you join the boxes together" we have now come up with the answer to this question by creating a CLIP that can join our tanks width wise as well as length wise.

The option to use these clips are:
1) In the outside walls of the Modular tanks
2) Everywhere to include inner walls before a new row of Modular tanks is installed
To facilitate this we have also created an App. to calculate the number of clips needed with either option.

We Vikas Industries are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Eco-Rainwater Tank Joining Clips Loacated in Andheri, Mumbai, India.

System Benefits

• Economical and easy to install, compare to cable ties or zip ties.

• Secure the tanks width and length

• Allow the installers to review with one look if the installation is evenly done.

• Allow the installer to confirm that proper installation has been done as everything will be level

• The cost saving to you are: less labor intensive and simple, effective and secure even lock of the Modular Tanks

• Using these Clip systems will allow for secure walking over the Modular Tanks during installation.

• Allow for Engineers and Architects to correctly ensure that all modular tanks will be fully butted to each other, creating a very solid lockable and stable structure, before compaction of fill around the sides of the Modular Tanks.

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