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Eco-Rainwater Solutions systems has focused over the years on supplying Modular Tank and drainage Cells, in keeping with "turnkey" needs for developers and government. We are now able to supply our new Separator screens to be installed "in situ" build manholes, before water reaches our Modular Tanks.

We Vikas Industries are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of EcoRain Tank Single Module Located in Andheri, Mumbai, India.

System Benefits

• Onsite Stormwater Management.

• Environmentally friendly made from selected 100% Recycled Polypropylene as well as 100% Virgin Material if required.

• Recharges Groundwater Table through principle of infiltration.

• Mitigation of downstream flooding.

• Site space utilization and minimum site disruption.

• Economical and Low maintenance system and reduces liability issues.

• Modular Structure for design flexibility.

• Heavy load carrying capacity.

• Supplied in Kit form for ease in transportation.

• High void surface ratio for quicker infiltration.

• Light weight hence no heavy machinery or skilled labor required.

Tanks Dimension Chart

Tank Units Size in Millimeters
ER-501 Single 450.0 mm x 408mm x 685mm
ER-502 Double 880.0 mm x 408mm x 685mm
ER-503 Triple 1,310.0 mm x 408mm x 685mm
ER-504 Quad 1,740.0 mm x 408mm x 685mm
ER-505 Pent 2,170.0 mm x 408mm x 685mm
Tank Units Tank Volume M3
ER-501 Single 0.125
ER-502 Double 0.245
ER-503 Triple 0.366
ER-504 Quad 0.486
ER-505 Pent 0.606

Maximum Strength

TEST Standard Used Metric
Ultimate Load - H 25 Load Rated AASHTO LRFD  
Displacement   11 mm
Temperature Parameter   8° -14 ° C
Void Surface Area    
Material 100% Recycled Polypropylene or available in 100% VIRGIN Material if required by specifiers
Biological & Chemical Resistance Unaffected by moulds, algae, soil - borne chemicals, bacteria & bitumen.
Temperature Tolerance   -30° to 120° C
Flow Rate ASTM D4716 .019 m³/second

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