Metal mold or metal casting is related to metal moulds or permanent molds made from metal. Typical parts include gears, Wheels, Pipe fittings and engine pistons. A mould is formed that of a desired shape and molten metal is then poured into it to get it into a desired shape. Metal molds can be made from various metals but generally they are made from Aluminum, Iron, or Brass.

Open Mould
Closed Moulds
Plastic Molds
Thermoplastic processing involves moving the viscous material into thermoplastic characteristics of some form or mold and then cooling it. Off course these products are light in weight compared to metal products and so more popular. Plastic molds are made from many compounds It is very easy to make it. A foam piece is transformed into a box size. This box is filled with mold. After it is dry it is removed.

Rubber Molds
Rubber molding is done by passing the material into a particular shape at high temperature and pressure. Rubber molds are durable. They can be used to make number of copies with other materials. They are used to make candle molds, soap molds etc.

Thermo Cole Molds
We offer our clients number of Thermocole packaging molding material meeting successfully the requirements of our customer.

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