Building a new normal for Handwashing

What’s the problem? People wash their hands much more frequently if sinks are conveniently located and desirable.

In fact, if people have to walk out of their way to reach a hand washing facility, then they’re unlikely to use it at all. Most people would only wash their hands if a sink is within 25 feet and in direct sight. (1)

A considerable number of schools,healthcare facilities, aanganwadi centres and homes around the world have inadequate handwashing infrastructure.

*Product shown in the image above is a different version. An improved version is now available in India. More below.

How do we put handwashing within reach now?

HappyTaps – modular, durable, & portable handwashing sinks – are being implemented at scale, in a matter of weeks.

These next-generation sinks allow facilities managers to jump straight to the desired outcome: people washing hands when and where needed.

Product Overview

Features of low touch, cost-effective and portable hand washing sink-HappyTapNew improved version for India, Made in India for Indians by Indians.
Improved for India, the HappyTap features:
  • Minimal touch tap handle reduces cross-contamination.
  • Low-flow tap consumes 80% less water than a regular tap and allows up to 60 handwashes with a 15-liter tank.
  • Large basin reduces spills and helps keep the surroundings clean.
  • Easy to assemble and can be set up by anyone within minutes.
  • For more information on HappyTap Portable Handwashing Station

Use Cases

HappyTap has helped national governments, leading international agencies, and local NGOs rapidly put hand washing within reach for students, teachers, patients, and doctors around the world. Some of HappyTap’s recent deployments in India:
  • UNICEF Odisha set up HappyTaps District Headquarter Hospital to help increase the handwashing infrastructure instantly.
  • UNICEF- Odisha set up HappyTaps in aanganwadi centres to help inculcate handwashing behaviour in children below the age of 4.
  • Vikas Industry set up HappyTap in Vikas Industry and its sister factories to keep their factory staff and workers safe.
  • Aga Khan Foundation set up HappyTaps in healthcare clinics during vaccination drives in India.

  • For more information on recent deployments in India: Portable Handwashing Sinks.

  • For more information on international deployments
  • Children in AWC, Purushottampur washing their hands on portable handwashing station HappyTap. Children in AWC, Purushottampur washing their hands on HappyTap

    Download additional resources
    HappyTap can be used in various settings:Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Aanganwadi Centers, Low Income Households, and Factories. Download the resources below to learn more about using HappyTap in specific deployments.

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